001G-SDDW (£35)

The ideal flap for large cats and small dogs. The generous flap is made from virtually indestructible polycarbonate, has two 4 way locks and a built-in draught excluder. Will fit panels or glass up to 27mm thick.

002W-SDDT (£35)

Designed for small dogs but can be used for cats. Will fit panels/doors from 10mm to 60mm is self lining. The flap is made from virtually indestructible polycarbonate and has a 4 way lock and built-in draught excluder

Fitting Service

Fitting Service for all makes of cat or dog flaps. Call Arthur on 0116 2776800 or e-mail him for your free quotation. He can fit to most types of doors including uPVC, glass, wood and metal.
Only available in the Leicestershire area.

Sorry cannot be purchased through PayPal as each installation is quoted seperateley. Please phone Arthur direct on 0116 2776800